How can you compare these suppliers?

It can be daunting to consider who to choose for your next WAN. MPLS networks are difficult to compare; They're not all specified in the same way and the things that make a real difference to you are often not clear from (or included in) the specifications.

There are some common issues that cause the most grief with an MPLS network, and it makes sense to consider potential MPLS suppliers in light of these challenges.

This spreadsheet provides questions and context to help you evaluate providers.   It covers all the key questions, such as:

  1. Do they design around end-user experience?
  2. Do they offer Hybrid networks?
  3. How long do they take to connect new sites?
  4. Do they deliver 'Right First Time'?
  5. Can they see the whole application path, to identify and solve problems quickly?
  6. Are they easy to do business with?
  7. Do their customers like them?
  8. Are they also a Managed Network Provider?
  9. Can they offer SD WAN?

The spreadsheet lists all the questions,   includes a summary of why it’s important, and has space to log your answer for a prospective MPLS provider.